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About Us

International professional manufacturer of VAV Terminals

         Royal Service Air-Conditioning Corporation also known as RS Group was founded in 1975 in Los Angeles, California. In 1995, RS Group opened an office in China known as RS (Guangdong) and with years of air-conditioning experience, learning the latest technology, and constantly gaining new knowledge of development in variable air volume terminals, RS decided to enter the VAV market. With 15 years of steady progress in the air-conditioning industry, RS expanded to various locations throughout China and opened up branches in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Xiamen, and their headquarters in Guangzhou. Royal Service’s R&D leads their design engineers, project management, and production team to manufacture excellent quality products.

         Royal Service develops, manufactures, designs, and services VAV systems for hundreds of famous engineering projects worldwide. RS sells its products all over China and distributes to international markets which include Australia, Middle East, and the United States. RS Group invested in Civilian Scien-Tech Park of Guangzhou High-Tech Civil Zone to set up the second private owned subsidiary – Royal Service Industries Corporation. RSI manufactures a wide range of products to include CAV Terminals, VAV Terminals, VAV air valves, Under-floor VAV Terminals, controllers, and room sensors. With 36 years of experience, RS Group has become the professional international manufacturer of VAV air-conditioning terminals.

         Royal Service specializes in industrial applications for commercial central air-conditioning, industrial cooling, computer rooms, clean rooms, food processing centers, high precision dehumidification processing centers, and chemical manufacturing facilities. We continue to improve ourselves by gaining knowledge of modern designs and up to date engineering techniques. By exercising the information gained, our team of professional specialists and engineers are able to manufacture reliable, top quality equipment, and provide excellent after sales service on all of Royal Service’s products.