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Training & Demon Center Of VAV Systems

      Royal Service Group invested RMB 4 million to build the most versatile training & demonstration center of VAV systems in China. In the center you will find a well-equipped lab to understand VAV systems closely and visually. From VAV terminals to state-of-art control systems and VAV systems, here you can see how they work visually. They include ordinary ceiling-type VAV systems, ground-type VAV systems, low-temperature VAV systems (air supplied: 4-11℃), clean-room air-conditioning systems, and low-pressure VAV systems, etc.

Environment Control System for Commercial & Industrial Air Movement & Clean-rooms

Precision Temperature & Humidity Control

Precision Air Purification Fluid & Air Heat Transfer

Central Plants & VAV Systems

Individual Zone Temperature Control

Energy Conservation

Energy Management Systems

Central Chiller Systems

Energy Recovery Systems

A Bridge Role in HVAC & R System and BAS/DDC Control