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Royal Service Group Shining at the CR Expo 2011



      The 22nd Annual China Refrigeration 2011 International Exhibition for Refrigeration, Air-Conditioning, Heating, Ventilation, Frozen Food Processing, Packaging, and Storage was held on April 7th to April 9th at the Shanghai New International Exposition Centre. RS Group, as the professional international manufacturer of VAV terminals, showed a variety of products and new technological advances, which matched the theme of “A Better Life We Create Together” perfectly.


      For over 36 years, Royal Service has grown to become well-known for their air-conditioning equipment, products, and R&D department. It attracted a lot of interest to the HVAC media and at the same time RS Group’s booth caught the attention of many visitors.  Royal Service was admired by visitors for its excellent design, professional facilities, reliable installation, and exceptional service.  The concept of comfortable, low-carbon, energy saving, and “green” design was highly praised.  Large architect design institutes and engineering company’s consulted with Royal Service to become dealers.  Their questions were addressed to suit their company’s individual needs and situations.


      RS Group displayed their products such as Single Duct VAV Terminals, Fan Power VAV Terminals, Under-floor VAV Terminals, CAV Terminals and room sensors, as well as exhibiting UVC Emitters from Steril-Aire. Steril-Aire’s extensively tested UVC Emitters currently have the highest powered emitters in the world.  U.S. Homeland Security and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) proved the emitters to be 6 times more effective per kilowatt than their competitors.  Royal Service also demonstrated that Acutherm’s beautifully designed diffusers provide excellent airflow and fresh air to any room.  For the first time in China, a Canadian company, CAN2GO displayed their assortment of wire and wireless VAV controllers.


      During the China Refrigeration 2011 Expo, RS Group demonstrated their strength in the VAV market. RS Group will concentrate on the R&D department and continue to learn new energy saving technologies, gain knowledge of low carbon solutions, and provide the professional and excellent service of VAV air-conditioning system to all customers.