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Royal Service VAV Club Technology Exchange



      “Royal Service VAV Club” Technology Exchange was held on April 26, 2011 at the Beijing Architecture Institute.  Attending this exchange were leaders, designers, professionals from Beijing Architecture Institute, and Royal Service Group General Manager - Mr. Kenneth Yu, Sales and Operating Department - Mr. Daniel Dan, Marketing and Promoting Supervisor - Ms. Ming Jingni, RS Group Beijing Branch Principle and Application Engineer - Mr. Zhang Baolong, Sales Engineer - Mr. Liu Shijie, and Administration & Human Resource Supervisor - Ms. Kangtao.


     Mr. Kenneth Yu welcomed the leaders and designers from Beijing Architecture Institute and thanked them for attending.  He was very excited to bring together friends of many years, Beijing Architecture Institute and Royal Service to discuss VAV air-conditioning technology.  Both parties worked together on the Qingdao Wanbang project designed by Beijing Architecture Institute.  Mr. Yu wanted to thank all of them for their hard work and for their acceptance and support to Royal Service Group and also invited them to visit RS headquarters in Guangzhou.


     Application Engineer Mr. Guo Peng of Royal Service Group Beijing branch gave detailed explanations of RS development in products such as Single Duct VAV Terminals, Fan Power VAV Terminals, Under-floor VAV Terminals, fan coils, CAV Terminals, and many of the other products Royal Service manufactures.


      Sales and Operating Department Manager Mr. Daniel Dan from Royal Service Group expanded on VAV Air-Conditioning implementation and testing.  Mr. Dan explained the primary application for VAV products is for the use of simple adjustments, balancing, and testing for projects. The designers from Beijing Architecture Institute showed great interest and we hope the Technology Exchange informed them of the advantages of using Royal Service’s VAV products.