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Technology Exchange Between Beike Engineering and Royal Service Group




      The Technology Exchange between Beike Engineering Consulting (Shanghai) Company, Ltd. and Royal Service Group was held on April 25, 2011 at Beike Engineering Consulting Company’s Beijing branch. The attendees of Beike China were Ms. Meng Li – Beike Shanghai Area Manager, Mr. Wei Jun – Beike Beijing Branch Manager, Ms. Lin Li – Mechanical Senior Engineer, Mr. Zhou Jie – Mechanical Engineer, and Mr. Kang Tieguo - Electrical Senior Engineer. The attendees of Royal Service Group were Mr. Kenneth Yu – General Manager, Daniel Dan – Sales and Operating Department Manager, Mr. Zhang Bao Long – Beijing Branch Principle, Ms. Ming Jingni – Marketing and Promoting Department Supervisor, and Mr. Guo Peng – Application Engineer.


     Mr. Daniel Dan discussed RS history and presented engineering projects.  Application Engineer Mr. Guo Peng introduced RS products such as Single Duct VAV Terminals, Fan Power VAV Terminals, Under-floor VAV Terminals, fan coils, CAV Terminals and other products Royal Service manufactures.  During the Technology Exchange, many questions and concerns were addressed about VAV air-conditioning technology.


     Closing the meeting was Beike Shanghai Area Manager Ms. Meng Li and Beike Beijing Branch Manager Wei Jun to wish everyone success in sales.  Royal Service Group and Beike will communicate more closely to provide a strong and powerful support for one another.